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Did we forget about conscious living?

On the occassion of a favoured foodie place releasing helium balloons in the middle of an island, surrounded by wet wet sea, as part of a marketing promo, it may be time for an updated collection of tips on how to live on the planet while trying not to kill it (that is, us). Also, […]

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Tap it ’till it’s dry

or why it’s so hard to transition to sustainable energy Our livelihoods and lifestyles are relying on intricate socioeconomic systems and need the technical support of infrastructures and services, to be maintained. We spend most of our time indoors, in buildings dependant on multiple variables. If we were to remove the functions of a trivial […]

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Mindful footprints

Recently I started following a facebook page called The Lazy Environmentalists, populated by people like me, who want to be more ecologically conscious but aren’t always successful. I think it’s ok to be imperfect; I want to stop buying any types of plastic but for the life of me, I cannot imagine a world where […]