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Fatality of human potentiality

Have you ever pondered on how historical events seem to unfold through unfortunate circumstance, chance reputation and right person-in the right moment-at the right time? Connecting the dots can be fun, aggravating, mind-bending and scary. Here are just some of the things that clouded my brain recently: One of the most famous ancient findings establishing […]

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In science we trust?

This would’ve been a post on the irony of big money coercing the scientific world into bogus claims, like how facebook can be used to study human relationships; a mildly false allegation, compared to what exists out there when you type “fraud science” into google. Turns out, there’s Big Tobacco, Big Carbon, the Big Four, […]

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Real // Surreal

*If you’re planning to watch Don’t look up, Don’t keep reading* I went to the cinema last night. It was the first movie outing in over 2 years, and it was deeply unsettling for 2 reasons: the movie itself and the Rowdy boys in the back of the theatre. The movie was Don’t look up; […]