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This forum is open to any geeky, scientisty (or artsy) person who wants to get writing experience that shows they are more than scientific journal writers. Do you have imaginary presentations in the shower about your latest research findings? Would you like to share your thoughts on recent (or old) topics that are bothering you? Do you firmly believe that Michael Jackson was killed by Nasa because his moonwalk is more famous than theirs?

Submit your opinions and articles and take a shot at publishing a blog post. Currently, we are accepting submissions in two general categories: Life stories and Science stories.

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  • Content must be written in English and (even remotely) related to science.
  • No explicit or discriminatory language will be accepted (the occasional f*** is ok). We respect diversity and accept everyone.
  • Submissions will be proofread and edited for language. Final approval will be asked, but past the given deadlines, content may be published without it.
  • The administrator reserves the right to reject submissions.
  • Upon submission, authors agree to their work’s publication on this website only. Content will not be exploited in any other way but can be publicized through social media platforms.
  • Authors should make sure to include credentials or pseudonyms as identifiers to their writing.


  • Style should be informal, targeting non-experts of various fields (or the public).
  • Avoid technical jargon.
  • Aim for 700-1200 words, this is not your thesis.
  • Write in a short, concise manner. 5-line sentences are for lawyers.
  • What would you like to read? That’s what you write.
  • See how I organised this section in bullet points? Organize your thoughts, fill in the blanks, read and re-arrange as needed, once your entire post is written.
  • Visit a pro website for more detailed tips and ticks, like this Grammarly guide.