Life stories

Short note on the end of an era

M: …you know, it’s the end of an era.

R: oh ok. but you know, I gotta say, I don’t think six years count as an era.

M: an era is defined as a significant period of time. it was significant for ME, maybe it wasn’t significant for YOU.

Iconic. Ok, too many iconic scenes from that sitcom but when you’re born in the 90’s and this is what you grow up with, Monica’s shrill voice (and often personality) gets imprinted in your brain. Real hard. But that’s not why we’re here.

What is an era really and how do you know it’s over? It’s not so often that something is characterised by clear cut boundaries, top to bottom, beginning to end. Even a person’s life can be expressed as the wish of their parents before they are born, or the memories that are left after they pass. So why do people insist on delineating specific periods of time, pre-determining the end of continuity in other forms?

The end of anything is often what leads you into what follows; whether that concerns employment, relationships or the demise of your beloved old car. So in a sense, anything you do or happens to you lives on forever as the instigator of your subsequent actions and decisions. We talk about spectrums of autism, sexuality, gender and religion, political beliefs that oscillate with new presidential candidates and still, we choose to split our lives in parcels and stack them away. Truth is, the only constant in our lives is change and resisting it, or denying it, only creates additional unnecessary friction. So why would you want to stack something away if there’s a chance it will cause a landslide when you pull it out again later? Put it aside and let it be what it is, what it was, and what it can be.

By JoanK

Nerd Supreme.

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